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Dr. Flo with 26 NACE employees who completed Business Etiquette & Sexual Harassment seminar.

Protocol Etiquette Las Vegas

Vision Airline Fight Attendants Successfully Complete
Business & Social Etiquette & Customer Service Training
Conducted by: Dr. Flo

Etiquette School

Protocol Etiquette

Dear Dr. Flo,

Thank you for brightening up what is usually a very basic Flight Attendant new hire class. We all, including our client enjoyed your presentation immensely! Your training has definitely set us on the right track in servicing our new high end clientele and luxury contracts. We hope to be able to partake of your services for every class moving forward.

Thanks again and be blessed.


Camille A. Campbell
Director of Inflight Services
Vision Airlines


Dear Dr. Flo
I want to personally thank you for a fun weekend in Las Vegas. Little did I know that I would get more for my buck than I planned? When I spoke with your assistant Hannah and told her about my plans to have my bachelorette party in Las Vegas and I wanted your dining skills and the dining tutorial at a swanky restaurant that Saturday night. She asked me several questions, about the size of my party, did I have a specific dining venue in mind, and had we made reservations. I told her that we were staying at the Mandalay Bay and there would be 12 of us but I had no other plans other than the dining out experience I wanted to share with my bridal party… Hannah asked me if I knew that Dr. Flo used to be an event planner and she would have you to give me a call to discuss the class and tutorial, and you phoned me that evening…

Dr. Flo your interview was so precise that I was able to give you a descriptive pictorial of what I envisioned for our 3 day weekend and you took it from there. You gave me such great ideas and contact information that made everything go just the way I wanted it. You came to our suites and delivered a wonderful two-and a half hour visual dining skills seminar that Friday, and that Saturday we had reservations at the beautiful Eiffel Tower Restaurant inside the Paris Hotel where we were able to view the beautiful water ballet below at the Venetian Hotel. The dining tutorial took on another dimension of our first experience in Las Vegas. You dined with us and we were able to apply your teachings to a wonderful dining experience. Chef Joho came out and asked if the food was okay and we all said it was wonderful, and it was. And you are also wonderful Dr. Flo, you even suggested that we rent the party bus so we could partake of the generous portions of wines during the evening and get back safely to our room. That advice was spot on because we did partakeJ.  We have shipped you a case of wines from the beautiful State of Oregon, and we just want to thank you for everything… Our first experience in Las Vegas was the best ever. .. Enjoy!
~ LeAnn


Dear Dr. Flo
You knocked the ball out of the park with the International Protocol and Etiquette Seminar that you presented at the Embassy Suites in Las Vegas. Our marketing team was delighted to have a fresh perspective of ways to connect within the global market. You were engaging and on target. We have plans to bring you to Denver real soon to deliver your remarkable seminar to our entire team. Please look for a call from Harriett in HR.  Again many thanks.

~ Stephen


Dear Protocol Etiquette School of Nevada-Las Vegas:

While attending a convention in Las Vegas recently, my wife and I signed up to attend one of your seminars, just to kill time, so we thought. Wow! Where we ever surprised; your seminar on “International Protocol and Etiquette” was the best and most needed seminar for business minded people that we had ever attended. The core information left us with a knowledge base that we could put to work for us immediately. I have to tell you, when my wife said to me, Mike, “let’s sign up for this etiquette class it should be fun.” I laughed and stuck my pinkie out but I said okay, why not. I never in a million years would have guessed that you covered so much informative information that business owners such as Linda and I who travel all over the globe could use. And, the workbook that we received will help us to overview the material and we love that Little Book of Etiquette by Dorothea Johnson that was in our package. We recommend to anyone in the global world to take a look at attending some etiquette seminars and stick their pinkie out with pride (thought you’d get a laugh out of our last comment).

Mike & Linda
Toledo, Ohio


Dinner Anyone?

Dear Dr. Flo:

This is a thank you note to you and all of your readers. Last year Dr. Flo you came to our home and taught us how to eat. My husband received this upper management position in one of the largest hotels in Las Vegas and we had to learn how to wine and dine clients.  He was scared as hell but you were the greatest, you even gave him a class in dressing for success. Well, it has been over a year and J (I’ll call him J ) has received another promotion and just recently we took out a very high profile client and sealed a very lucrative deal for his employer. Dr. Flo you would be so proud of your student, he radiates confidence and I feel like I am with the most important man on the planet. Thank you, thank you, thank you. J wants to take you and your staff out to dinner to show off his dining skills. We could never have done this without you. I just want your readers to know that it’s never too late to learn.

M & J
Las Vegas


An yeoung ha se yo!

Thank you so much for allowing me to attend your wonderful work shop at Osan Air force Base in South Korea. I work with a lot of dignitaries and found the material covered so much of the things I need to know to make my job easier and to provide the best service that I can to a very elite group of people. I didn’t realize that protocol intelligence was the core of my position. I am very confident now when I schedule meetings and dining arrangements.

Thank You –

Mailing Address

3315 E. Russell Road, Suite A4-292
Las Vegas, NV 89120-3477