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Etiquette Quiz

Etiquette Quiz

1. You bite into a piece of meat that is tough and very difficult to chew, you

  1. Pretend to wipe your mouth and deposit it into your napkin.
  2. Use two fingers or your fork to remove it and place it on the edge of your plate underneath a piece of parsley.
  3. Swallow it and hope you don’t choke.
  4. None of the above.

2. At dinner, when you notice that the person on your left is eating your roll from your bread plate, you

  1. Tell him he made a mistake, and then ask for your roll back.
  2. Don’t say anything and eat the roll from your other neighbor’s plate.
  3. Don’t say anything and convince yourself that you didn’t want a roll after all.
  4. Ask the server for another roll and use the side of your dinner plate.

3. At the restaurant, after dinner the waiter is clearing your place setting, you

  1. Scrape your neighbors plate into your plate and hand him the pile of dirty plates.
  2. Help him clear the table and hand him the dirty glasses too.
  3. Do nothing, let the waiter do his job.
  4. Ask the waiter if he wants that piece of steak left on your plate, after all you only ate half.

4. At the dinner table with very important clients, you need to blow your nose, you

  1. Blow your nose in the napkin and ask the waiter for another one.
  2. Blow your nose on the napkin in the vacant seat next to you and place it in the chair.
  3. Excuse yourself and go to the necessary room and blow your nose.
  4. Blow your nose with your handkerchief and place back in your pocket.

5. While traveling internationally the host serves a delicacy that you wouldn’t dream of eating in your native country, you

  1. Politely decline by saying “No thank you,” and ask for something else.
  2. Pick at the delicacy with your fork and drink a lot of wine.
  3. Try and eat as much as you can.
  4. Eat it but let the host know that you are doing it to please him.

6. When you are finished dining, your napkin should be

  1. Folded loosely and placed to the right side of your plate
  2. Folded loosely and placed on the left side of your plate.
  3. Folded loosely and placed in the center of your plate.
  4. Balled up and given to the waiter.

7. When making a proper business introduction

  1. You introduce the client to the president of your company
  2. Introduce the president to the client
  3. Wing it.
  4. Let them introduce themselves.

8. When dining with a potential client and your cell phone rings, you

  1. Ignore it and pretend someone else’s phone is ringing.
  2. Answer it within two rings and keep the call brief.
  3. Apologize, step away from the table, and take the call in the restroom.
  4. Apologize and turn the phone on silent mode. The person you’re with takes priority.

9. If you receive a important email from the CEO of your company and realize it was earmarked for your supervisor, you

  1. Forward it immediately.
  2. Forward it with a note explaining why you are sending it.
  3. Consider it spam, delete it, and forget about it.
  4. Print it out and share the contents with the office staff

10. If an angry customer calls to complain, you should

  1. Quickly put the caller in his place by yelling back. After all no one has the right to yell at you.
  2. Put the person on hold as quickly as possible and blow off some steam.
  3. Hang up the phone and make sure all the lines are kept busy.
  4. Stay calm, listen to the caller’s complaint, and quickly attempt to help or get help for him.

11. When expressing thanks to someone who has given you a gift, you

  1. Have your secretary call and thank him for your gift.
  2. Send a hand written note.
  3. Send an e-mail because it is faster and more efficient.
  4. A verbal thank you should be enough.

12. In the business arena,

  1. Only men should stand for handshaking and all introductions.
  2. It is not necessary for men or women to stand for handshaking or introductions.
  3. Women should only stand for introductions.
  4. Both men and women should stand for handshaking and introductions.


  1. 2
  2. 3 or 4
  3. 3
  4. 3
  5. 3
  6. 2
  7. 1
  8. 4
  9. 2
  10. 4
  11. 2
  12. 4

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