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Children’s Etiquette Programs

Modern Manners for Tots (ages 4-6)   Co-ed

Using “Catherine the Mannerly Cat Puppet” and lots of other visual aids, children are taught age appropriate play-nourished activities that foster good manners and dining skills.

Contemporary Manners for Children (ages 6-12) Co-ed

This program is divided into three parts. Each part includes activity filled lessons that help build self-esteem. Part I…involves life skills training…Part II…covers social skills & cultural awareness and respect for others….Part III…visual dining skills and proper public behavior.

Special Needs for Children (ages 6-12) Co-ed

Of the thirteen disabilities recognized by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, the Protocol Etiquette School of Nevada-Las Vegas (PESON-LV) offers classes for children with mild Intellectual Disabilities, Specific Learning Disabilities, Asperger’s Syndrome, Attention Deficit Disorder and Mild Tourette’s Syndrome. Our classes build confidence in students by facilitating social, emotional and behavior wellness in order to address non-academic barriers to learning. Specialized learning strategies will prepare students to achieve their potential and avoid self-esteem problems resulting from learning difficulties.

Mind Your Manners for Teens (ages 13-17)  Co-ed

Mind your manners for teens is a co-ed participatory program that focus on the code of international politeness, cultural awareness and respect for others, rules of courtesy, dress for success, living and social skills, visual dining skills and much more.

Modern Manners for Young Ladies (ages 14-18)

Although this program is appropriate for any young lady who wants to be successful in life, it will enhance the chances for young ladies with an interest in modeling, beauty pageants and entertainment. Social and living skills are paramount to succeed in any career choice. This program teaches the 4“Ps”…Poise…Posture…Presence…Personality. Students learn how to dress for success…proper grooming techniques…platform speaking…how to walk in high heels and sit…interviewing skills…dining skills and much more…..

The Art of Etiquette for Young Men (ages 14-18)

Teaches young men to respect others, develops leadership skills, how to project a positive image, how to treat a young lady with respect, dating do’s and don’ts, how to distinguish ones self from others and take the lead, dress for success, living and social skills, proper dining techniques…and much more.

Life Skills Training for Students on the Move (ages 13-18) Co-ed

This program prepares students for life’s changes as they prepare to enter preparatory schools or other Ivy-league institutions. This program gives students an edge above the rest. Upon completion of this program students will distinguish themselves from the competition, develop and maintain business and other relationships, project a positive image, project confidence and authority, project trust worthiness and command respect from others. Students will develop independence, show self-worth, learn to build teamwork and others will acknowledge your presence. Students will learn the nuances of proper etiquette and protocol during any situation.

Children's Etiquette Classes

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